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Power supply for CO2 laser tube 150W

Product code: XYZ

Power: 150W
Input voltage: AC220V
Operating temperature:-10 ~ 40 deg. C
Humidity: 10-95
Dimensions L*W*H*= 305mmx161mmx91mm

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More information

High-performance device. It has an open circuit protection function to protect against damage caused by laser tube failure.

Select the appropriate power supply for the glass tube model. Universal, fits laser tubes from different manufacturers.

It is possible to connect an additional LCD display of the ammeter to the power supply via a power cable. The device can be purchased from our store.


Input voltage: AC 220 V/AC 110 V

AC frequency: 47-440Hz

Maximum output voltage: 34KV

Maximum output current: 38mA

Size: L*M*H (mm) - 305*161*91

Weight: 3.6kg

MTBF: ≥30000 hours

Response speed: ≤1ms

Voltage range: high level ≥3V, low level ≤0.7V

Environment: -30°~+65°

Cooling: air

High temperature test: under full load / 60 ℃ / 12 hours

Start/Stop test: 500 times 7 seconds

Weni Store co2 tube power supply 150w details


Weni Store co2 tube power supply 150w dimensions

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