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Shannon Bending Machine AFF Series

Product code: XYZ

Automatic bending machine for handling thin plastic sheets. It can bend multiple or one sheet of up to 135 cm in length at a time.

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More information

The Shannon AFF is a highly efficient automatic bender for handling thin plastic sheets. You can bend multiple sheets or one sheet up to 135 cm long in one go. The device allows the processing of thin thermoplastic materials without rippling, flaking. The bending line with AFF, is always perfectly straight and repeatable, regardless of the number of cycles performed.

Contact swords can be replaced with swords of different sizes, depending on the desired bend radius. The time-controlled upper frame is equipped with an adjustable pressure bar.

The machine is equipped with a vacuum system that holds the sheets in place during heating, bending and cooling. The bending cycle is started with a foot switch. After which, the sheets are heated, bent and cooled at a set time. Each bending line has a protractor to set the correct bending angle. Standard equipped with a mobile support frame with brakes for ideal working height.

BENDING PROCESS: The process itself from pressing the pedal takes a few seconds, making the AFF 135 bender unrivaled on the market. The bending process is carried out by lowering the arm with a heating bar, which, contacting the material perfectly in a straight line, gives off the temperature, which translates into a straight and sharp bending line even over the entire maximum working length (135 cm).

Vacuum PUSH: allows bending of even small individual parts without loss of quality and repeatability, prevents material movement during bending.

Advantages and features:

  • Electronically regulated heating element (allows control of the bender during operation),
  • high quality interchangeable Teflon strip from 2 to 10mm (it is possible to make a strip of other dimensions)
  • A built-in protractor that adjusts the bending angle of the material,
  • The upper frame equipped with an adjustable clamping strap,
  • Suction system to hold the workpiece during heating, bending and cooling,
  • Table made of durable material with adjustable stop,
  • Easy and fast replacement of heating strips,
  • blowing cold air to speed up the cooling process of the material.

The use of a compressor is necessary for the operation of this bender.

The device allows processing of most thermoplastic materials such as:

  • PMMA (plexiglass)
  • PC (polycarbonate)
  • PS (polystyrene)
  • PETG (polyester)
  • PVC (polyvinyl chloride)
  • Price tags, badges, hang tags
  • etc.


Product parameters
TypeAFF 135
Model typeFreestanding
Bending methodAutomatic
Bending linesSingle line
Heating methodSingle-sided
Modular expandabilityNot
Overhead heating1 line
Design1 automatic top heating line
Working length135 cm
Working thickness0.2 - 1.5 mm
Weight of the device150 kg
Input voltage230 V
Power of the device600 watts
Dimensions of the device (L/W/H)1540x880x640 mm

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