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Inductive sensor normally closed 8mm 6-36V

Product code: XYZ

Mounting hole diameter: 18 mm

detection distance: 8 mm

operating voltage: 6-36 VDC

output current: 300 mA

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Gross price:

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More information

A normally closed inductive sensor with a power supply in the range of 6-36V is an advanced measuring device that uses the phenomenon of electromagnetic induction to accurately detect objects. This innovative sensor is designed to provide a reliable and effective solution for a variety of applications where accurate object detection is needed in a non-contact manner. The sensor operates in normally closed mode, which means that in the resting state the contact is closed, and then opens when a metal object is detected.The sensor is made of high quality materials, which ensures durability and resistance to environmental factors, vibration and varying operating conditions. This makes the sensor resistant to damage and can operate reliably even in harsh conditions.

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