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Shannon Bending Machine ABM-D Series

Product code: XYZ

Highly efficient, fully automatic bender for acrylic or other plastic sheets.

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More information

The Shannon ABM-D 135 is a highly efficient, fully automatic bending machine for acrylic or other plastic sheets up to 5 mm thick. Multiple sheets or a single sheet up to 135 cm long can be bent at one time. Each bending line has two protractors to set the correct bending angle, a vacuum system and pressure bars to keep the material flat and in the correct position. The complete front bending line (heating profile, bending and vacuum system) can be easily moved to adjust the distance between the two bending lines. In addition, one of the two bending lines can be switched off if only two bends are to be made.

The machine is equipped with 2 lower heating profiles and 2 upper heating profiles, controlled by 4 temperature controllers. This allows 2 upward bends to be made at the same time per cycle. In addition, the machine is equipped with a mobile support frame with brakes for ideal working height.

The device is equipped with:

  • 2 adjustable heating profiles in the upper and 2 profiles in the lower with 4 digital temperature controllers.
  • 2 vacuum systems to hold material in place along with 2 clamping bars in the upper frame.
  • 1 digital clock and foot switch to control the full bending cycle.
  • The cold air system speeds up the cooling process.
  • Linear positioning system for the front heating profile, vacuum system and contact heater.
  • The ability to rotate 1 heating, bending and cooling line for single-bend production.
  • 4 protractors to set the exact angle of each bend.
  • Trespa's robust table design with a rear stop.
  • Wheels and brakes to easily move the machine when needed.

Optional: Teflon-coated bending profiles can be installed in the upper heating profiles to heat materials by contact. For thin sheets or PVC.

The use of a compressor is necessary for the operation of this bender.

The bender can be upgraded with additional accessories available on our website:
- protractor, guide - cooling at a specific angle
- compressor - required to operate the device


Product parameters
TypeABM-D 135
Model typeFreestanding
Bending methodAutomatic
Bending linesMultiple lines
Heating methodDouble-sided
Modular expandabilityNot
Overhead heating2 lines
Bottom heating2 lines
Distance between 2 folds140 - 620 mm
Design2 automatic heating lines top and bottom
Working length135 cm
Working thickness0.5 - 5.0 mm
Weight of the device175 kg
Input voltage230 V
Power of the device2600 watts
Dimensions of the device (L/W/H)2090x1320x1900 mm

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