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CO2 laser refrigeration system cleaner 1L

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One bottle of the product is one radiator cleaning.

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Weni Cooling Cleaner is the latest generation preparation, designed for cooling systems in CO2 lasers of all types. Removes organic deposits, scale and rust from the entire cooling system circuit. It provides longer life for the CO2 laser tube and improves the performance of the entire cooling system.


  • It is suitable for all types of cooling units used in CO2 lasers;
  • Protects the cooling system from excessive load on the pump, caused by reduced coolant flow in the system;
  • It protects the laser tube from damage and increases its performance.


Instructions for cleaning the cooling system of CO2 lasers

NOTE! It is recommended to wear protective gloves before cleaning.

  1. Open the water supply inlet, check the amount of water present in the unit. Watch the water level indicator and slowly pour in 1L of refrigeration system cleaner. Be careful not to overflow! If the water in the cooling system is full, drain about 1L through the drain valve before pouring in the product.
  2. Run the machine for about 45 minutes to ensure continuous circulation of water with the cleaning product.
  3. Place a vessel under the radiator drain valve to hold water from the tank. Then unscrew the drain valve.
  4. After all the water has been released, close the drain valve, and then flood the refrigeration unit with distilled or demineralized water, while checking the water level.
  5. Turn on the radiator for about 15 minutes with clean water, without cleaning fluid, then drain the water once more.
  6. Re-fill the radiator with demineralized or distilled water. The correct water level should reach the green field of the liquid level indicator.

Check the condition of the refrigeration system regularly. Cleaning should be done regularly every 6 months. If the unit is off for more than 30 days, replace the water in the cooling system.

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